Shamanic Healing, Ayahuasca Retreats and Natural
Plant Diet Cures in the Amazon Rain Forest


Maestro Heberto Garcia

(Coshi Niwe)

Founder – Director of the Institute

The Peruvian Institute of Shamanism and Natural Medicine has been founded with the following primary aims:

2015-09-08_LogoTo establish a benchmark of shamanic excellence, offering not just ayahuasca retreats, but huachuma (San Pedro) and plant diet retreats under the supervision of the most exceptional and committed shamans and shamankas at fair and affordable prices;

To provide truly individualised treatments: only by one-on-one interaction between the shaman and the patient during ceremony can you be guided safely and productively through the often challenging spiritual realms – such guidance being crucial if you are to reap the full benefits of shamanic healing;

To provide a safe, supportive, professional yet family environment at Ashi Meraya to help you feel calm and relaxed during what may be an anxious experience; 

To serve as an information resource to increase understanding of the ayahuasca experience, its holistic benefits, scientific studies, and other aspects of Amazonian shamanism;

To answer any questions you may have, by phone or email, whether you are a client or not;

To provide the very best shamanic training to those exceptional individuals who wish to pursue this course (subject to suitability);

To work productively with organisations active in the protection of the rainforest, and in safeguarding the rights and cultural integrity of the indigenous Indian peoples

Ashi Meraya

Ashi Meraya – dining room and chill zone

“It wasn’t until I left Ashi Meraya and spoke with other travelers at the airport that had been at other centers that I realized how lucky I had been to find Heberto and his family. They really have stuck to their traditions and have stayed true to their culture.”

– Eric, Florida, USA

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