Ceremonies & Rituals

The Peruvian Institute of Shamanism and Natural Medicine plays a crucial rôle in preserving the most complete and traditional knowledge and practices of the most ancestral – and at the same time, the most advanced of Shamanic treatments as developed over 5,000 years by the Shipibos – the very tribe that is regarded rather like Yale or Harvard by the other tribes of the Western Amazon, who, for generations, have traditionally sent their would-be shamans to complete their training with Shipibo Maestros.

Quite apart from the principal ceremonies of Ayahuasca and San Pedro, we offer a myriad of other rituals many of which would undoubtedly have died out were it not for Maestro Heberto’s discovery of his grandfather’s encyclopaedic writings (for the significance of these, see the section on the Institute) which very probably constitute the only written record of so many shamanic practices all but lost in today’s atmosphere of ‘ayahuasca tourism’.

Each of these rituals plays a very specific rôle; and Maestro Hebertos encyclopaedic knowledge of sacred plants assures all our visitors that they will recieve the best possible treatment tailored precisely to their needs.

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