Baths of Regeneration


Baths of Regeneration 

Literally, the bath of ‘flowering’ or ‘blossoming’, these baths are indeed made up using freshly picked flowers and petals from the jungle mixed with a bowl of water from one of the streams and a few drops of a special cologne, all appropriately icaro’d (blest) by one of the shamans.  The purpose of this bath is to promote the well-being of the spiritual body of the patient or guest, to make it flourish:  it is usually administered at the culmination of the treatment – be it ayahuasca, tobacco, San Pedro or other medicinal plants.  It is not recommendable to partake of floral or ‘flourishing’ baths in the early stages of a healing programme, but rather at the end, when the spiritual body has been healed, cleansed and purified.  This assists the soul of the patient, or spiritual traveller to flourish and helps to maintain and stabilise the energies of the plants which he or she has received during the treatment programme.

The baths of aura-cleansing and regeneration are an essential part of the preparation of the body of the trainee shaman, but the importance of these baths cannot be overstated for all our visitors:  amongst the many ceremonies and rituals, the energy of the leaves and flowers of the sacred teacher plants promotes the resolution of internal psychological conflicts and charges all the participants with positive vibrations, liberating them from the negative energy that has been absorbed throughout their lifetime.  The medicinal plants used especially for the baths of flourishing can dramatically boost low energy levels, relaxing both the physical and spiritual aspects whilst their health-giving qualities stimulate the nervous system in a favourable way.  This ritual has enabled many of our guests to embark on a new stage in their lives with a new – super – energy.

The baths of regeneration in conjunction with the special rituals of purification, apart from having physically relaxing effects of the nervous system, will stimulate you spiritually once your aura has been cleansed:  the electromagnetic energy evidenced in the aura is accompanied by biological changes which radiate different wavelengths of light, once your physical and spiritual bodies have been detoxified and rebalanced against the effects of stress.

Before commencing the rituals, it is important to prepare the body, and for this the shaman uses a bunch of aromatic plants and flowers, including herbs such as jungle basil.  The shaman initiates the rite with sacred songs.  The bunch of plants is swept over the body of each participant, who must relax the mind and concentrate on beautiful things to aid his or her spirit in ejecting negative energy from the body, for this is a time when new and positive ideas are conceived.

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