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Retreat Packages

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive combination of shamanic treatments available, in accordance with authentic Shipibo principles.  An in-depth diagnosis is made of each guest’s holistic condition, taking into account his or her individual objectives and you will receive a completely tailor-made treatment program which is subject to on-going feedback, review and amendment if necessary.  Thus we find it helpful that the arrival of our guests be spread out through the week.  You are free to choose the start date that suits you, and likewise the duration of your stay.  Many centres offer retreats with fixed start and end dates for cost-saving reasons but we believe that such rigidity does not favour the focus on individualised treatment and runs counter to the central shamanic ethos which values healing and the promotion of holistic wellness above any consideration of personal gain.

However, to help orientate you, we propose the following packages (Please note: whilst the stated number of ayahuasca ceremonies will be available, some guests may find it too gruelling to attend them all and will wish to rest on certain nights.  Numbers quoted are a maximum.  Occasionally, people present with high levels of toxicity (which might be due to psychological issues or spiritual blockages) and they may be advised to follow a strict plant diet for one or two days before drinking the ayahuasca brew – but the large majority are cleared to participate in the ceremonies from their first day.  At any rate, participation in any particular ceremony remains optional at all times):

1 Week:

7 days/6 nights/ 4 ayahuasca ceremonies/1 San Pedro ceremony

Total cost:   $ 1,260 (USD) / $ 180 per day or € 1,120 / € 160 per day*

Although there are well authenticated stories of a single ayahuasca ceremony having a hugely beneficial and transformational effect on a person’s life, such cases are rare and very much the exception.  (For an extreme example, see Kira Salak’s article in National Geographic).  For most people, one week is the minimum length of time needed to bring about significant and lasting change.  Fundamental issues may be addressed and resolved; you will achieve lasting wellness and a renewed zest for life.

2 Weeks:

14 days/13 nights/8 ayahuasca ceremonies/2 San Pedro ceremonies

Total cost:   $ 2,380 (USD) / $ 170 per day or € 2,100 / € 150 per day*

Two weeks is the maximum length of time that most of our guests can spare – for obvious reasons.  It’s still rushing things a bit, but generally sufficient to achieve profound and permanent healing of most trauma-related issues, and to enable you to integrate real spiritual growth.  A two week period also enables almost everybody to get beyond the initial purging, sometimes fearful, and generally not entirely pleasant, part of the process – and to reach states of bliss unknown in day-to-day life; the extraordinary power of unconditional love which sustains all of nature, channelled by the spirit of ayahuasca.

3 Weeks:

21 days/20 nights/14 ayahuasca ceremonies/3 San Pedro ceremonies

Total cost:   $ 3,360 (USD) / $ 160 per day or € 2,940 / € 140 per day*

Three weeks is probably the ideal length of time for those in a good overall state of physical health – as well as resolving the inevitable issues, or ‘spiritual baggage’, that we all accumulate throughout various lifetimes, you should learn to orientate yourself in the world of spirit.  This will enable you to receive powerful insights and answers to your most important questions; for a rigorous scientific treatment of this process, see Jeremy Narby’s excellent book ‘Intelligence in Nature’.  A three week retreat can be a bit exhausting – but a couple of days afterwards, you will feel like Superwoman!  Or Superman!

4 Weeks:

28 days/27 nights/18 ayahuasca ceremonies/4 San Pedro ceremonies

Total cost:   $ 4,060 (USD) / $ 145 per day or €3,640 / € 130 per day*

This is for those committed to significant spiritual growth and perhaps most significantly for those determined to clarify their true life purpose this time around.  Not only will you have the time to enjoy the process, but you should leave with the inspiration, the wellness and above all the energy to fulfil your calling in this life.  This retreat is also appropriate for those considering a shamanic apprenticeship.

Longer Stays:

From $ 125 (USD) / € 110 per day (negotiable according to season and availability)

A retreat of up to three months may be appropriate in the case of chronic physical disease that has proven resistant to western medical techniques.  Any such cases must be discussed with the Institute on a case by case basis before booking a retreat.  If you haven’t already seen it, then the documentary ‘The Sacred Science’ is a must-see.

Similarly, if you are interested in shamanic training, a longer stay is indicated – but this will generally follow a shorter retreat, so that both we and you can assess your suitability.


Before accepting a booking for your retreat at Ashi Meraya, we need to know a little about where you’re coming from and where you want to go to.  If you prefer, this can be done by email, but we find it much more satisfactory to have a chat on Skype.  So please, whether you are considering a retreat at Ashi Meraya, or just have questions about the shamanic path, contact me, and

Be well!

Nico Bruce

Director of Communications

Instituto Peruano de Chamanismo  y Medicina Natural