The Lodge

Ayahuasca Ceremony House

The ‘Casa de Ceremonias’, or Ceremonial House, at Ashi Meraya

Ashi Meraya – The Jungle Lodge

The Journey to Ashi Meraya

The Journey to Ashi Meraya

Ashi Meraya is located within the Allpahuayo Mishana National Park in the depths of the Amazon rainforest approximately 20 kms south-east of Iquitos airport, from which it can be reached in just over an hour by ‘motokar’.  A varied ecosystem flourishes in this magnificent part of the jungle, including ancestral ‘palos maestros’, or teacher trees, vines of breath-taking size and shape, wildlife such as monkeys and toucans, and the distinctive white sands which characterise this very special region, once a vast inland sea.  The property surrounding Ashi Meraya – over 12 acres – is traversed by streams of reddish water which further contribute to the unparalleled beauty of the countryside.



A gentle 30 minute stroll along jungle tracks brings you to the River Nanay which rises in the wild mountains of Ecuador and joins the Amazon at Iquitos; unlike the Amazon, however, it is entirely safe to swim in.  Please note that any excursion outside of the centre may only be made with one of the shaman’s knowledge, so that he can perform a ritual, or blessing, of protection:

Great for swimming!

Oxbow Lake, once part of the Rio Nanay, near Ashi Meraya

during any ayahuasca treatment program, one is potentially vulnerable to negative energy from outsiders.  That said, any of the lodge’s translators and jungle guides, will be happy to organise boat trips down the Amazon and/or excursions to local wildlife reserves, Monkey Island, the animal orphanage and butterfly farm at nearby Pilpintuwasi and other local beauty spots during your stay at Ashi Meraya.












The facilities at Ashi Meraya include accommodation in individual bungalows which are ecologically constructed, using, as far as possible, natural materials from the area, each with its own private shower-room and toilet.









There is a large and airy dining room and chill zone.  All food is provided by our cheerful kitchen staff, wholesomely and imaginatively, within the restrictions of the ayahuasca diet (no sugar, no salt, no oil, no spices, no alcohol, no red meat…no sex).








We also provide a laundry service, and transport is provided to/from either downtown Iquitos, or Iquitos airport, depending on your travel plans.